Cold Weather Digital Signage Research

Digital signage is one of the fastest growing media trends in the private and public sectors. The technology allows every screen to be its own channel, with unique content, and appropriate for where it is and who is watching it. Paradigm Digital Signage has pioneered the application of digital display solutions in the Yukon.

Project Overview

All-weather outdoor digital displays are notoriously poor performers in temperatures below -20°C. Samsung claims they’ve been able to reliably extend an outdoor display product to operate at peak performance in excess of -30°C. If true, this will significantly expand the viability of product applications in northern climates.

Samsung has developed the OHD series displays for commercial, outdoor use and have tested the product in extreme heat conditions and now wants to prove its technology in cold weather conditions. The display is designed to resist harsh, outdoor conditions—direct sunlight, dust, moisture and high heat—OHD Series SMART Signage can operate at peak performance 24/7 in an exceptionally wide range of temperatures, from -30°C (-22°F) to 50°C (122°F).

Samsung Canada Ltd. has provided a 55” OHD outdoor display to prove/test the application in cold weather in Canada’s north. Paradigm Digital Signage (PDS) and Yukon College have partnered with Samsung to test and demonstrate the implementation of this product outside at the Yukon College campus.

The ultra-bright, 2,500-nit OHD displays enhance readability in outdoor daylight conditions. Thanks to their high-contrast screens (5000:1), these displays deliver super-dynamic picture quality with deep black hues, enabling you to present crisp, clear content.

This project will make observations about the sustained performance of the display, brightness, contrast and related metrics at various times throughout 2016.