Closed Loop Biomass Energy Control Stystem

This project proposes to improve, through engineering and modification, the reliability and usability of the GEK Wood Gasification Plant. The proponent currently has a plant in operation and would like to develop and manufacture “add-on” features to make the plant continuous feed and self-controlling.

Project Overview

The GEK system is a “batch style” wood chip gasifier which produces “syn-gas”. This is a synthetic gas that can be fed into internal combustion gensets and used to make electricity. The batch system is simple, but it means that an operator must fill and empty the unit after every cycle, cycles can be as frequent as one hour.  The system is currently a manual system and requires a full time operator.  To increase efficiency the proponent would like to develop technologies which would allow the machine to run continuously and auto-regulate using feedback mechanisms. The developed system would be made available for other GEK users to purchase and install on their machines.

The proponent hopes to create a line of purchasable products that he can sell via the web. 

  • Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor)
  • Cold Climate Innovation, Yukon Research Centre, Yukon College
  • Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency