Civic Engagement Platform - Civicly

Civicly provides a map-based product that combines community engagement/discussions with interactive crowdsourcing maps (geo-tagging annotation). Civicly aims to transform and facilitate the experience of building and executing participatory online engagement by bringing a comprehensive suite of tools that leaders, organizations, and community groups need to bring people together. Civicly is already being used by customers across the country to quickly build a slick public-facing engagement platform complete with a discussion forum, Q&A, interactive mapping, customizable surveys, open data visualization, and much more.

Project Overview

The goal of this project was to implement a set of inovative enhancements to a multi-project distribution in order to accelerate time to market for new builds, improve user experience and simplify the process of creating new projects. These improvements will make it so that all tasks can be undertaken in-house by clients, and create and integrate a set of ready-made data templates and dashboards. This project seeks to create a turnkey solution that could eventually become a fully hosted Open Cloud SaaS platform with open data solution for online engagement. Previously, Civicly was sold on a project-by-project basis, tailored to meet clients’ objectives.