Birch Sap and Levan Based Skincare

This product innovation involves harvesting raw birch sap and subjecting it to a natural process using enzymes to produce cosmeceutical co-products. It is believed the combination of these co-products will prove to be highly effective in the care and maintenance of healthy skin.

Project Overview

Natural compounds present in raw birch sap readily perform functions desired in topical skin care products. The presence of these natural compounds, specifically amino acids, natural sugars and hydroxy acids, allow birch sap to perform surprisingly well as a humectant (drawing and holding water against the skin).

This innovation will explore a novel use of an under-utilized natural resource, birch sap, and combine it with modern bio-technology using enzymes to produce high-value cosmetic ingredients.


  • Elise McCormick & Joanne Sherrard, Yukon River Skincare, Project Lead
  • Technology Innovation Officer, Yukon Research Centre
  • Technology Innovation