Biomass Research: Hargassner Woodchip Boiler

The goal of this project is to demonstrate the viability of biomass as a fuel source for heat in the Yukon. ACS Mechanical, Inc has partnered with Raven Recycling to pilot a wood chip boiler using Yukon biomass to demonstrate an innovative new heating source and infrastructure that can potentially be used in buildings similar in size to Raven Recycling. The staff at Raven will collect data over the winter and make the findings visible to Yukon businesses and individuals, to try and educate the public about the potential use and effectiveness of this heating source.  

The woodchip boiler that will be used for this project is a 100kW Hargassner unit from Austria, which contains a wood quality sensor for efficient burning. All the woodchips used will be from waste wood such as old wood pallets, construction waste and fire kill.

Project Partners and Funders
  • Cold Climate Innovation
  • Raven Recycling
  • ACS Mechanical, Inc.
  • Energy Branch, Government of Yukon