Aerial Silt Sampling

Aerochem and Technology Innovation partnered to prototype and test an airborne silt sampling system.

Project Overview

The mineral exploration industry uses silt sampling in early-stage field work. Government surveyors also collect silt to produce public data aimed at creating staking activity. Currently, silt samples are collected by using a helicopter to transport workers to an area of interest. This method is expensive and comes with a degree of risk. A system that allows the helicopter pilot to gather samples while in the air, will be cheaper and safer.

To validate this solution, the system must be easy for pilots to operate and must result in silt samples of at least the same quality as conventional field techniques.

Offering a similar and safer service at a drastically reduced cost could encourage more grassroots exploration. That in turn will result in more advanced work that would benefit the entire Yukon mineral exploration industry.

Update: A refined prototype was developed to address minor deficiencies discovered during previous tests, reduce unit weight and improve overall operational performance. The new prototype is undergoing field-testing in the summer of 2016. Aerochem is pursuing patenting its system and bringing it into commercial production.

  • Aerochem Inc, a joint venture between Aurora Geoscience and Capital helicopters
  • Technology Innovation, Yukon Research Centre, Yukon College
  • Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency (CanNor)