From VK to C in 50 Scholarship

See the NOTE below for award availability.

The purpose of this scholarship, valued at $2,000 (to a maximum of $8,000), is to assist a student beginning his/her studies in an undergraduate degree program at Yukon University. This award will begin in the fall of 2019 and will be available for up to four years.


The VK to C in 50 Scholarships were established by an anonymous donor to mark his 50th anniversary in Canada. Arriving here as a refugee, he benefited from Canada’s educational system and went on to become a world-class nation builder. Turning to philanthropy in his retirement, he has offered scholarships in every province and territory to mark this special occasion, and to thank Canada for the opportunities it has afforded him. VK is Velke Kapusany, Slovakia, the donor’s birthplace, while C signifies Canada. The Ottawa Community Foundation is pleased to facilitate this act of generosity from coast to coast to coast.


  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Be accepted for the first time into one of the following programs at Yukon University in the Fall of 2020: Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Governance; Bachelor of Business Administration; Northern Environmental and Conservation Studies; Social Work; Yukon Native Teacher Education; Yukon Native Teacher Education After Degree
  • Be registered full-time at Yukon University
  • Remain in good academic standing throughout your program
  • Demonstrate financial need



NOTE: As long as the Fall 2019 recipient continues to demonstrate financial need and remains registered in his/her program on a full-time basis in good academic standing, this award will not be open to new applications until September 2023.