Together, for the North

A man and a woman seen from low perspective, crouching in some native flora

Inspiring investment in northern potential

We’ve been asking how Yukon University can contribute to a vibrant and prosperous Yukon. Here’s what you said:

  • A skilled workforce - across a wide range of industries and sectors

  • Leaders for Indigenous self-determination

  • Stewards for the land and the environment

  • Innovative adaptations for climate change

  • Creative solutions to northern challenges

  • Champions of northern cultural heritage

We are proud of Yukon University’s potential to impact the future for the North. Our 2022-2027 strategic plan sets forward a bold aspiration to continue to develop northern expertise:

“We will work to become a recognized leader and catalyst for education and knowledge that is relevant to the North. We will remain committed to the value of skilled trades training in creating an agile workforce to bring prosperity and sustainability to the North, and we will conduct teaching and research that prioritizes northern relevance and strengthens northern cultural heritage for generations to come.”

To attain this goal depends on Yukon University’s ability to offer educational experiences that will help foster work-ready - and indeed, future-ready - graduates.

We can’t do this alone; we need your help. Together, we can develop opportunities and progress for the North. Together, we are building on northern expertise and talent through practical and innovative education, applied research and pathways to reconciliation.

We invite you to join us on this journey