Routes to success

ipad in classroom

Infrastructure & technology

Building our backbone

Equipping our students to flourish is Yukon University’s highest imperative. We honour diversity and a commitment to meet students where they are – whether it be in their location within the large territory of the Yukon, or with regards to their individual needs. To fulfill this commitment, our technology needs to become more sophisticated and creative.

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Inspiring northern potential

Academic excellence

Learning in the classroom and on the land – with faculty experts and First Nation knowledge keepers – is an approach that will empower our learners with the tools and expertise to solve the challenges of the future.

Removing barriers to education, while creating unique experiences grounded in different ways of knowing and doing, sets our students up to be leaders in the jobs of tomorrow.

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Researchers use a dual frequency penetrating radar on the Fantail Glacier to determine ice mass

Northern research & innovation

Exceptional learning opportunities

YukonU has 50 years of expertise that we’d love to share with Canadians, and the next generation of northern leaders. 

Your commitment to research and innovation will enable us to leverage Yukon’s leadership in these areas to create high-level learning, training, and career opportunities.

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