Northern potential

Students with Elder overlooking Yukon River

Inspiring investment in northern potential

Yukon University is built on a proud 50-year history of excellence in education, research and innovation. As a “hybrid” university, students will be able to access degrees, diplomas, certificates, trades and academic upgrading. 

YukonU is a world leader in education that bridges Indigenous traditional knowledge with Western school of thought. Our programs will position graduates to prosper in a future where we will live and work differently. We will develop strong leaders and expertise to manage natural resources, to collaborate with First Nation communities, and to operate in northern environments. YukonU’s programs and research will create social and economic prosperity for the North, and for all of Canada.

Our top priority is to “meet students where they are” – whether in terms of their location within the territory or with regards to their individual needs. Experiential learning, in the classroom and on the land, with faculty experts and First Nation knowledge keepers, along with hands-on involvement in research, creates a unique and exceptional academic experience for YukonU students.

Your donation will help us strengthen our resources to create and to share knowledge, and to empower the leaders of tomorrow.

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