Leaving a legacy

Envision a future where your passion lives on.

Legacy gifts are a commitment to inspire future generations. This giving pathway provides the freedom to support causes you believe in, often transcending your accomplishments in this lifetime. It is also a way to clearly state your intentions and to maximize potential tax benefits. 

If your commitment to future generations includes a legacy donation to the Yukon University Foundation, we encourage you to consult financial and legal advisors to ensure your gift is tailored to your personal circumstances.

Planned gifts can be made in the following ways:

A bequest – the most common type of future gift – is a commitment made through your will to be distributed from your estate upon your death. A bequest may be a specific sum of money, asset or piece of property, or a portion or percentage of your estate. Gifts can be given outright, or be dependent on certain conditions. 

We recognize that bequests are a personal matter, but please let us know if you have named the Yukon University Foundation in your will. We will work with you to ensure your bequest will achieve your intentions. 

Insurance policy
New and existing life insurance policies can be gifted to YukonU, reducing the taxes owed on your final return. By naming Yukon University as the owner and beneficiary in your lifetime, the annual premiums you pay are also tax deductible.

You can donate unused portions of your RRSPs or RRIFs and receive a charitable donation receipt for the full amount of the RRSP or RRIF, offsetting taxes owed.

You can create a charitable gift annuity and you will receive guaranteed annuity payments throughout your lifetime. The portion of the gift not required for purchase of the annuity is retained by the University and gives you an immediate tax benefit.

You can establish a charitable remainder trust that retains income interest for your life and/or your beneficiaries, giving you an immediate tax benefit. When the trust is terminated, the remaining assets become your gift to Yukon University.

Residual interest
You can transfer the residual interest in your residence and retain the right to use the property for life, giving you an immediate tax benefit.

Tax law and estate planning are complex.

We encourage all donors to speak to a financial or legal advisor about the tax benefits, thresholds and appropriateness of these choices.